Friday, October 10, 2008

10 things i love about singapore

singapore is so different compared to malaysia.

to name a few :

1. the escalators
the escalators are faster there.
most, but not all escalators tho.

the ones in MRT stations are extremely fast.
and whoa, everytime i step onto a fast escalator, i always repeat to my mom, "the escalators are so fast la".
really fast la.

and they have escalators EVERYWHERE!
good for ppl like me who hates to walk.

2. the whole singapore is the real city of lights
there are no dark alleys, walkways, bus stops, and everywhere is lit up!
one of those nights when we were heading home in the MRT at 11pm, i was surprised to see so many single girls on board.
its so safe!

3. the public transport
the buses are so punctual and efficient.

they drive slowly and safely unlike our local buses (like metrobus?).
they never rush to beat traffic lights, etc.

4. the MRT
its not as noisy as our LRT where there is screeching sounds sometimes.
in fact, its kinda quiet.

there is an LCD which displays public service announcements (potential bombers, previous bombings in other countries, etc) for awareness.

there is telco reception all the way through even underground.
people are seen talking on their phones all the way through, and show no sign of poor reception.

the passengers are very courteous too.
they get up immediately when they see pregnant women, women with kids, old people.

5. the easy (ez-link) card
a very convenient prepaid card which can be used for both MRT and buses.
if you use the card, its cheaper than paying cash.
and the bus fares are so cheap for them, like 71 cents?
but u dont convert to MYR la.

each time they increase the price, it goes up by 1 or 2 cents.
this way people wont feel the pinch ma.

6. the drivers.
they actually stop when people are crossing, or when people are about to cross the road.
the drivers dont simply cut into other lanes, they dont speed on highways, etc etc.

7. the ERP
Everyday Rob People.

no la, it actually stands for Electronic Road Pricing which is an electronic system of road pricing based on a pay-as-you-use principle.
its a fair system as motorists are only charged when they use the road during peak hours. the rate changes according to the time of the day.
during peak hours, they will have to pay more.
during off peak hours, they dont have to pay at all.

it works like a toll, only thing, each time the vehicles pass through the gantry when the system is in operation, the ERP charges will be automatically deducted.
you dont need to open the window, pass the money, wait for the barrier to go up, etc etc.
so not fair.
when i pass by LDP toll, i have to open the window, pay RM1.60, wait for the barrier to go up, no matter what time of the day.
and its all because i dont have a smart tag!
eh... touch and go oso have to open window can.

8. the food is cheap
if you dont convert, an average bowl of noodle is S$3.50.
and that's a bowl surely huge enough to make anyone full.

the other day i had breakfast, we paid S$1.60 for an average plate of noodles and 1 hard boiled egg leh.
cheap or not, u tell me?

not only that.
things are cheap too.

if you earn S$2k there, you can live comfortably d.
if earn RM2k here, very tight lo.
maybe ngam ngam only.
what is RM5 here, is about S$2.5o.
dont convert la.

their buns are like 1 buck to 2 bucks.
in malaysia leh?

9. the country is so clean
you dont just find litter anywhere.
the toilets are clean.
there are no chewing gums stuck all over the country.

the people are so educated and civilised.
its really so clean and well kept.

even the roads are well maintained.
i did not come accross any pot holes at all.

10. they have dedicated smoking areas
this is a good one.

one thing, the cigarettes are expensive.

people dont just smoke anywhere, and there are few smokers in singapore.
i hardly saw any.
and when they smoke, they really take the trouble to walk to the smoking area.
cool rite?

but there's one thing i dont like about singapore.

the people are quite snobbish la.
not all, but most.

sometimes they exchange glances, but they never smile, and sometimes even look away rudely leh.
i dont expect everybody to smile at me la, but... it seems rude la.

nonetheless, i dont hate my country.
i dont hate malaysia.

humans are like that la.
we all love foreign soil, dont we?

i've been living here for 23 years.

can you imagine if malaysia was the perfect country?

then we wouldnt appreciate the little things in other countries d.
we might not even bother traveling abroad.

or maybe we would, and instead write a blog entry on '10 things i hate about singapore' instead?

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